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Once upon a time...

Born in 1980, Keyne is passionated by inventions, technologies and sciences...and started very soon to disassemble his toys just to know how they work.

Naturally, he studied to get a bachelor's degree in sciences, and a strong creativity bring him to draw and to play music.

Sciences and first job

After 2 years to study a wide range of sciences, Keyne started to work for a high technology sector (MBDA Aerospace systems), and by working with engineers, he decided to return to school to get a master's degree in Industrial Engineering, in 2004.


In 2005, Keyne worked for the RONIS company as a product engineer. A lot of locking systems were developped and Keyne got his Inventor status by several patents contributions.

During these years, Keyne worked in collaboration with a french industrial design agency - Di├Ędre Design - severals projects. One of them, CLIPEO, is an innovative modulable locking system.


In 2008, Keyne needs to be more innovative. The Design field seems to be the best tool to increase this skill, by improving the knowledge of the others aspects of a product : style, ergonomy, service, use, meaning, branding, thinking...

Back to the E.S.A.D. Orleans School of Art and Design to finally merge creativity and technology. The Master's degree in Design Product joins now others diploma. Keyne finished his formation by the V.I.A exhibition in Paris with his desktop "Entre les lignes", an experimental furniture to show how Technic and Design can live together, and can be source of innovation.

"Technology serve the intelligence of the product"

Engineering & Design

Engineering and design are now two powerful tools to get innovative products. Even in a difficult range, like stationnery products, where the low-tech aspect could freeze innovation, the work and the experience of Keyne have allowed some revolutions.

The RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, the "Observeur du Design" award are here... Imagine yours, and contact Keyne to make innovation real !